I’m moving!

Following some recent changes the blog is moving to a new page - Chloe Young Natural Health and Wellness. You can continue to read regular blog posts at http://www.cynaturalhealthandwellness.com, follow me on Facebook and Instagram at 'cynaturalhealthandwellness' and on Twitter and Pinterest at 'cynathealthwell'.  Thank you for following my journey so far and I look … Continue reading I’m moving!


Question Time #1 – You ask, I answer!

When people find out that you have studied naturopathy and nutrition they usually have a lot of questions about their diet or something that they have heard on social media or the best way to solve that recurring digestive issue (this one is probably the most common!). Since different people ask me the same questions … Continue reading Question Time #1 – You ask, I answer!

Globe Artichoke

Today I am going to discuss a plant that seems to be most commonly known for its liver protecting qualities, Globe Artichoke. Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) Globe artichoke is member of the Asteraceae family (the same family as Chamomile) and you are more likely to think of it as a tasty vegetable rather than a … Continue reading Globe Artichoke