Tea Review: The Husk Mill – Original Cacao Tea Blend

Brand: The Husk Mill

Tea: Original Cacao Tea Blend

Type: Loose leaf

Ingredients: Cacao husk and organic Madagascan vanilla beans


Where I bought it: At the 2016 Sydney Tea Festival where I came across a stall for The Husk Mill.

First Impressions: I love a tea presented in a cute little amber jar and the labelling is crisp and clear making for an overall smart first impression. There was also quite a crowd gathered around their stall that made me look over to see what types of tea were on offer.

Why I’m drinking it: Right now I’m in the middle of writing a very large assignment and I needed a bit of a flavour shake up to give my brain a break and keep my mind creative and energised.

Aroma: The smell of this tea is distinctly cacao.

Taste: I had my first few sips with hot water only and I could taste the cacao but not much else. I added milk after that and it seemed to really enhance the flavour for me. I found it really unique and probably my best description would be that it’s like an earthy hot chocolate. I get a little bit of a vanilla after taste but it’s not excessive.

Will I drink it again? Yes! Overall a very nice afternoon pick me up.



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