Tea Review: Blooms – Sage Leaves Tea

Brand: Blooms

Tea: Sage Leaves Tea

Type: Loose Leaf

Ingredients: Sage

Where I bought it: At my local Health Food Store.

First Impressions: The branding is consistent with other Blooms Health Products but as far as tea packaging goes it’s pretty uninspired. It’s a plastic zip lock bag and the zip lock broke as soon as I opened it so I had to transfer it to a container.

Why I’m drinking it: The unglamorous truth about me is that I sweat. Quite a lot and all the time (the poor fan in my room only gets a break when the outside temperature dips below 15OC – which right now in Australia is never!). Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a herb used to treat excessive sweating and night sweats (and you’ll notice that the packaging indicates it is good during menopause if you are experience hot flushes)1. This is because it is an antihyperhidrotic1 and acts to cool and lower the body temperature. Sage can interact with some medications and supplements and is not recommended during pregnancy so always check with your medical professional before using it for any health purpose**.

Aroma: It smells like a roast dinner.

Taste: I was pretty sure the flavour was going to be too strong for me so I added a bit of honey before I took a sip to give it a bit of sweetness and take the edge off. I’m glad I did because the flavour is very herbie and without the honey I don’t think I could have finished my cup.

Will I drink it again? Yes. Not because I love the flavour but because it requires more than one cup to see some of the medicinal benefits that I’m hoping for.


**Whilst it is great to be passionate about maintaining your health, you should never self medicate and always ensure that you consult a medical or health professional before including a new item in your diet or health routine.



1. Bone, K 2007, The Ultimate Herbal Compendium: A desktop guide for herbal prescribers, Phytotherapy Press, Warwick, Queensland


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